Salad Greenhouse grows some of the purest most nutritious produce on the planet in greenhouses. Our produce is clean, and completely free of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and grown with 27 minerals. It is competitive in price with field grown produce, and “better than organic”.

We specialize in growing produce for prepared bagged salads, ready to eat complete meal salads, CEMA juice bases (Electrolytes, Minerals, and Antioxidants), and culinary and medicinal herbs.

Our greenhouses are a combination of innovations and new technologies. Growing conditions are maintained at optimal levels in greenhouses with renewable energy sources. Energy is sourced from renewable fuels. The irrigation water is purified, free of contaminants and contains 27 minerals. By recirculating the water, we use far less water than field grown crops. Our production is sustainable and pollution free. Crops are grown and processed year round.

We invite joint ventures and partnerships.